Tabletop Wax Warmer
Tabletop Wax Warmer

Tabletop Wax Warmer

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Enjoy room filling fragrance in a compact size. Dimensions are 6 x 4.25 x 4 inches.

Simply add 1-2 of our wax melts to the warmer, select your desired timer setting, power on, and relax as your space fills with your favourite fragrances.

  • Integrated 3-6-9 hour timer: With settings for 3, 6, and 9 hours, the integrated timer feature allows you to easily manage the duration of your fragrance delivery.
  • No-scrape silicone dish: Flexible silicone allows you to remove used wax from your warmer quickly and easily – wax pops right out of the dish, leaving it clean!
  • "No Bulb" melting: This elegant, ceramic wax warmer comes with a printed-on design and features a built-in ceramic heater. (Translation for veteran melters: no more replacing light bulbs!)

Note: Although designed to be used plugged into a power source, this wax warmer has a rechargeable battery for short periods of usage unplugged. It has a maximum 2 hour battery life when fully charged.