The Opal Collection

The Opal collection is more than just a range of products; it’s a manifestation of my creative journey and the inspirations that have guided me. From my first ever tarot reading, to my Nana's opal necklace that I now wear everyday, this collection has been such a joy to work on. I hope everyone loves the collection as much as I do.

Two garden scented candles laying on their side displayed with a plant.
An incense stick holder with the wick and bear logo.
Shorleine scented room spray
A green ceramic candle vessel with the wick and bear logo.

scented rituals

Wick + bear is a female owned small business that was born out of a new mom’s love for luxurious candles, and a concern for the quality and purity of the air in her home.

Our mission is to create home fragrance products with uniquely captivating scents, beautiful minimalist design, and clean, safe ingredients. We help our customers enjoy luxuriously scented rituals, but at accessible, everyday prices.

  • clean

    Our products are clean and non horomone disrupting as they are free from paraffins, phthalates, parabens, lead, dyes, stabilizers, and UV inhibiters.

  • long-lasting

    Each candle is made with cotton wicks and natural soy wax. The low melting point of the soy wax allows for longer burn time.

  • elevated scents

    Our scents are carefully crafted to be unlike any other. They are unique and created to elevate your daily routine.

Lumberjack scented candle and room spray arranged with greenery.

diffusers and sprays

Elevate your scents wherever you go! We offer room sprays, reed diffusers, car diffusers, and citronella spray.

Our all-natural room spray also doubles as a body spray. It is formulated with witch hazel and our blends of fragrance and essential oils to help fight odour and provide a pleasant fragrance. All natural ingredients make it safe and the perfect choice for personal use. 

car diffusers

Bring your favourite scent with you on the go!

Our car diffusers hang from your rearview mirror, and infuse your car with the beautiful, non-toxic scents you know and love.

customer love

  • "Candles always smell amazing. Thank you so much. The only place I order candles from."

    ~ Kathleen

  • "Wick + Bear scents are always so unique and truly need to be experienced in person."

    ~ Alexis

  • "All of their scents are amazing. Never too strong, but just enough to enjoy a long burn of a clean candle."

    ~ Carol B

A hand holding a green ceramic candle vessel.

candle collective

Introducing our exclusive candle collection, where luxury meets craftsmanship in a unique pre-order ceramic vessel collection.

Each quarter, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a handcrafted ceramic candle that is tailored to the season.