Wick + bear is a woman owned small business that was born out of a new mom’s love for candles, and a concern for the quality and purity of the air in her home. Our mission is to offer clean burning, high quality and eco-conscious candles with uniquely delightful scents.

why we started

I started wick + bear 6 months after my son Logan James was born. I've always had a love for home fragrance and aromatherapy. Candles are ritualistic for me. I love the ambiance and comfort found in burning candles wherever I spend my days; in my home office, kitchen, living room, dining room. At night I diffuse essential oils on my bedside table. While I was pregnant I started to wonder about what was in the candles I was burning. What was I putting into the air around my unborn babe and me? I asked about ingredients at the big chain store where I had always shopped. My question was met with confusion and a lack of knowledge that I found unsettling. From there, I purchased a book on beginner candle making, started sourcing natural supplies, and testing. Voila! wick + bear was born, named after our son who we call our Logie bear. 

our ingredients

Our products are free from paraffins, phthalates, parabens, lead, dyes, stabilizers, and UV inhibiters. Our candles contain only natural soy wax, a cotton wick, and scented oils (both essential and/or fragrance). They're lightly scented, so they won't overpower you or cause headaches.

We hope you love them as much as we do.