3 Reasons Why You Can't Smell Your New Candle

3 Reasons Why You Can't Smell Your New Candle

Have you ever brought a new candle into your home only to find that you can't smell it? Here's a few reasons why that might be the case:

1. It hasn't been burning long enough. Especially on the first burn, it takes a while for the candle to warm up enough, and the true scent to be released. Typically, it takes until the melt pool reaches the edges of your vessel to truly appreciate the scent. Each inch of diameter of the candle vessel = the number of hours your candle needs to be burned the first time. For our 8oz glass jar candle, that's about 3 hours. 

2. It's not the right sized candle for the space. We sell a few different sized candles, and it's not only to offer different price point options; it's also to cater to different spaces and scent strengths. Our mini 4oz candle is kind of like a trial size. That little guy burns for a total of 25 hours and is best suited for small spaces like a bathroom. Our standard 8oz candle is perfect for a bedroom sized room. Our large 16oz double wick candles are best suited to a kitchen that has a lot of other scents to compete with. It's also best for a living room in an open concept house, or if you're just someone who likes a lot of scent. 

3. You may have gone nose blind. I know this is a funny concept from a home cleaning product commercial, but it's actually a thing! If you find you don't notice your candle scent anymore, it could be from olfactory fatigue. After a while, your nose has had enough and shuts off to that scent. Oftentimes when I'm working in my workshop and someone comes by to pick up an order they tell me how great it smells in there, but I can't smell anything because my nose has had enough. If this happens, you can either switch to a new candle scent to burn or just leave that space for 15+ minutes and when you walk back in you'll probably notice it again. 

Happy candle burning, friends!


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