The Opal Collection

Why I Started My Opal Collection

For the past six years, I’ve been immersed in the world of candlemaking; crafting scents that soothe, inspire, and transform spaces. Throughout this journey, I’ve always felt a magnetic pull towards opals—a fascination that began with my Nana’s opal jewelry. I vividly remember how an opal shimmered with an otherworldly beauty, capturing the light in the most enchanting way. The word opalescence was created to be able to explain this phenomenon. 

This winter, a seemingly ordinary tarot card reading shifted my creative path in a new direction. As I sat down for the reading, I noticed Trevor, my tarot reader, wearing an opal necklace. Intrigued, I asked about it and he said that he actually had just gotten it, and didn't normally feel drawn towards opals but chose that particular necklace. In that moment, I felt a powerful connection—an affirmation that I should follow my creative passions. Opals, after all, are said to symbolize passion and creativity, making this encounter feel like a serendipitous nudge from the universe. 

Opals are not just visually captivating; they are also deeply symbolic. They are considered living stones, containing up to 20% water, which gives them their mesmerizing play of colour. This unique characteristic reflects a sense of life and movement. 

Inspired by these experiences, I decided to embark on a new venture: creating a high-end line of scents that can be enjoyed both as perfumes and as home fragrances. This collection is a culmination of my love for opals, trusting the universe, and pursuing my own passions. Each scent is designed to evoke the same sense of wonder and beauty that opals bring.

The Opal collection is more than just a range of products; it’s a manifestation of my creative journey and the inspirations that have guided me. From my first ever tarot reading, to my Nana's opal necklace that I now wear everyday, this collection has been such a joy to work on. I hope everyone loves the collection as much as I do.


My Nana and I

My Tarot reading in December


My Nana's opal necklace

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